Task 13: Bringing together your framework and Activity Theory

For Task 5 where we had to make up a potential framework for describing human activities, I decided to make a general 4-step-framework. It concluded Motivation, Goal, Time Schedule and Choices.

I came up with these 4 choices because no matter what are the activities, motivation and goal are the basics of every activity. Then schedule and choices are these practical aspects that one must consider in their activities.

Putting together my general framework and Activity Theory, I would link Activity Theory with the two practical aspects of my framework – time schedule and choices. Although AT is also linked with people`s goals, I find AT especially related with the choices of what mediation technology is used in order to reach one`s goals.

In the context of this course, AT also could be linked with Time Scheduling for technology allowed us to use time flexibly and communication and time management between the course members was possible with the help of technological environments.


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